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Welcome to the HarmonyTown Chorus' webpage!


The HarmonyTown Chorus is always looking for new members.
Why not you?
  • There is no audition.
  • No previous singing experience is required.
  • If you like to sing, this is a place for you!
  • If you can't read music, no problem! We use listening (learning audio tracks) to assist in learning music.
  • We rehearse every Tuesday night at 7:30pm at St Michael Lutheran in Wayne, MI. 
  • Come any Tuesday night and join us. Feel free to contact us ahead of time or just show up. You will be welcomed.

How to reach us:
Call: 734-743-1SNG (1764) and ask for Eddie
Texts: 248-792-1911
For more information, click here.

We are thrilled to have you exploring all things HarmonyTown.

If you've never heard us before, here's a link to see/hear some videos: Click Here
If you want to know a bit about our history: Click Here


Maybe you're someone who wants to support and share HarmonyTown with the world.
Here are some ways you can help do just that!

1. Follow Us on Social Media
We love comments and appreciate all sharing of our content. It's the easiest way to get people connected with the chorus on a daily basis.
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2. Membership
We are an organization of volunteers that always has room for one more man on the risers.
Do you know of someone that should be singing with us?
Recommend they check us out or send us their contact information and we'd love to speak with them.
Click here for rehearsal information.

3. Sponsorship
You can shop at Kroger and a portion of your sale goes to HarmonyTown or if you wish to make a donation to help support our on-going costs: Click Here
Make a donation here: DONATE

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