Rehearsal location: 
St Michael Lutheran Church
3003 Hannan Rd
Wayne, MI 48184 (map below)

Singing makes you happier,
healthier, and makes the world a better place.

The HarmonyTown Chorus is always looking for new members. There is no audition. You pick the voice part which you feel is within your range and comfort zone. No previous singing experience or a super voice is required. Most of us are average everyday shower singers, but when we blend together, we feel we sound pretty darn good.

How to reach us:
See our Facebook page - We respond to messages, comments and posts.
Call 734-743-1SNG (1764) and ask for Eddie
Texts to 248-792-1911

You do not have to be able to read sheet music.

We have learning track MP3 files available which are specific to each voice part.

We are a very friendly group of guys who really enjoy singing together.

Our rehearsals are run very casually and there is a lot of joking around and friendly rivalry between the sections. We enjoy performing for audiences, even if it’s only one person.
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