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Barbershopper of the Year 

This man demonstrates what it means to be a member of the HarmonyTown Chorus.
****Voted on by the 3 previous years Barbershopper of the Year award winners 

2023 -
2022 -
Allen Holmes
2021 -
Scott Casey
2020 -
Paul Michalik
2019 -
Paul Woodin
2018 -
Eddie Tabb
2016 & 2017 -
Rob Facione and Allen Holmes
2015 - Hal Severson

2014 - Bill McKenzie
2013 - Mark Pritchard
2012 - Scott Casey
2011 - Marv Skupski
2011 - Don Bohnwagner
2010 - Charles Nalbandian
2009 - Jim Farkus
2008 - Frank Adams
2007 - Wally Jennings
2006 - Len Piggott
2005 - Dave Peiffer
2004 - Gary Simon
2003 - Lost record
2002 - Mark Pritchard

The "Kurt Kinde Memorial" Rookie of the Year Award

This newcomer most embodies the barbershop spirit through their attitude, efforts and in song.
****Voted on by the Board of Directors.

2020 - Tony Kinde

2019 - Ray Carter

Rehearsal Attendance for 2019
Silver (Over 90%)
Dennis Burns 92%, Ray Carter 94%, Tony Kinde 90%, Danny Latimer 90%, Charles Nalbandian 90%, Mark Pritchard 90%, Eddie Tabb 94% & Paul Woodin 90%
Gold (Over 95%)
Scott Casey 98%, Bob Schuessler 96% & Paul Michalik 96%
Platinum (100%)
Harold Petrowsky & Rick Wyrabkiewicz

The awards below were voted on by the chorus members.

The awards are meant to be fun and not of mocking nature.

"Unisonity" Award

An ambassador for the HarmonyTown Chorus via their character, actions and attitude.

2020 Winner: Mark Pritchard

Best Performance Face Award

We should all mimic this person’s face when singing for an audience.

2020 Winner: Paul Michalik
2019 Winner: Paul Michalik

Most Likely To Be At the Next Performance Award

When the show is on, you can expect this man will be there!

2020 Winner: Allen Holmes


Nice Award

We checked Santa's list and yep, he's on it near the top.

2020 Winner: Colby Frost


The Colorful Commentator Award

This man may add a comment, quick joke or one-liner, to sprinkle some flavor to the conversation, with or without asking.

2020 Winner: Jay Carter


Sage-Like Advice Award

Looking for musical answers? First stop should be this man.

2020 Winner: Paul Woodin


Blood, Sweat & Caffeine Award

This man's hard work is easily noticed and must be fueled by coffee.

2020 Winner: Scott Casey


Most Likely to Sing in a Pop-up Quartet Award

They may start one or see one forming and head that way.

2020 Winner: Eddie Tabb
2019 Winner: Eddie Tabb


*******Archived Awards


Be Like Bob Award

Tells a joke and/or possibly questions the director.

2019 Winner: Bob Schuessler

Buddy the Elf Award

Gets the most excited to sing a Christmas tune.

2019 Winner: Tony Kinde

Best Dressed Award

Always dressed to the 9's.

2019 Winner: Ray Carter

The Pitch Pipe Award

Did we make the key change? Need a Bb? Ask this man.

2019 Winner: Mark Pritchard

Best Dancer Award

This man has got the moves!

2019 Winner: Tony Pyrkosz

Chatty Cathy Award

Possibly late to sing after break due to a continuous conversation.

2019 Winner: Bruce Jonasz

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