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Thank you to these organizations for active sponsorship!

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You! Make a one-time donation via this link.

You can support us by using Kroger!


  1. Sign into your Kroger account through Kroger.com or the Kroger phone app.
  2. USing their website, hover over you name and click "My Account" (top right of page once signed in, just hold the cursor over your name and it appears)
  3. Click on: Community Rewards (left side of page)
  4. Enter our Id "LG164" or search for HarmonyTown Chorus.
  5. Click Enroll - DONE!
  6. Now your Kroger purchases are setup to sponsor the HarmonyTown Chorus and you should see that near the bottom of your receipts. Thank you very much for your support!
  7. *Kroger may require you to update this every 12 months

Help HarmonyTown Chorus - Wayne Chapter, Barbershop Harmony Society

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