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Tue, Oct 22 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Oct 22 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Tue, Oct 29 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Oct 29 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Tue, Nov 5 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Nov 5 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Fri, Nov 8 20198:00pmRedford Harmony
Mon, Nov 11 20197:00pmCanton's "Salute To Service 2019" program at the Village Theater
Tue, Nov 12 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Nov 12 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Tue, Nov 19 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Nov 19 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Tue, Nov 26 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Nov 26 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Sat, Nov 30 201910:30amWayne Small Business Saturday
Tue, Dec 3 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Dec 3 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Sat, Dec 7 20196:00pmWayne Holiday Night at the Museum
Tue, Dec 10 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Dec 10 20197:30pmChristmas Chorus Rehearsal
Fri, Dec 13 20198:00pmRedford Harmony
Sun, Dec 15 20192:30pmHarmonyTown Chorus Annual Christmas Show
Tue, Dec 17 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Thu, Dec 19 20197:00pmGarden City Presbyterian Church Holiday Concert
Sun, Dec 22 20191:30pmSt Mary Mercy Hospital
Tue, Dec 31 20197:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Jan 7 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Fri, Jan 10 20208:00pmRedford Harmony
Tue, Jan 14 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Jan 21 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Jan 28 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Feb 4 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Feb 11 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Fri, Feb 14 20208:00amSinging Valentines
Fri, Feb 14 20208:00pmRedford Harmony
Tue, Feb 18 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Feb 25 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Mar 3 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Mar 10 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Fri, Mar 13 20208:00pmRedford Harmony
Tue, Mar 17 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Mar 24 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal
Tue, Mar 31 20207:30pmChorus Rehearsal